5 Tips to Attract Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

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If you are looking for ways to continuously improve on your trade show exhibits, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn 5 tips to design attractive trade show displays and generate more leads for your business.

Every exhibitor wants more qualified traffic, this means more sales and more opportunity for them to market their merchandise. You want to attract ideal customers that have the need for your products, and whose satisfaction can potentially spread your brand awareness and send you lots of referrals.

Attract the right audience to your booth with these strategies:

Develop a Pre-Marketing Campaign

In this market, it’s nearly impossible to not succeed in your marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies. Make the most of technology by developing a cohesive marketing campaign days or even weeks before the event. Make use of visual, printed, and audio marketing tools in announcing your trade show and make sure to include the trade show address and your booth number in all your campaigns. You can make use of attractive images and videos that can be easily shared on social media platforms. Another strategy is to create an email marketing campaign, hand out flyers, or run a radio ad to announce your upcoming event.

Offer Customers an Irresistible Gift

On the day of the event, offer pre-qualified leads and potential customers a reason to drop by your booth. This can come in the form of gift for the first 100 or so visitors, these would be items they can use in their daily lives and remember you by. Of course they won’t know you’re making this offer if you don’t tell them. Announce your offer with captivating custom banners that display your company logo and utilize the same color themes you used in your pre-event marketing campaign.

Appeal to All Five Senses

Visually attractive trade show displays that employ custom signs and banners are good, but a booth that appeals to the audience’s five senses is better. Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by engaging your target customers’ sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. Then take this opportunity to have a light conversation with them about your products and services.

Solve Location Problems with Hanging Digital Signs

You don’t always get to have the best locations at trade shows. Sometimes, your booth can be situated at the far-out end of the hallway or near emergency exits. Prepare for unforeseen circumstances and include a digital ceiling or hanging sign in your trade show displays. Light and motion are proven effective in catching the attention of passersby. You can use a digital display to play your corporate video or a demo of your products and services.

Allocate a Demo Station in Your Booth

Make sure to include a nook in your booth where you can show potential customers what your products and services are all about and how these can benefit and change their lives. Make sure this part of your booth has a pen and paper handy for gathering leads. In the end, it is going to be a subtle combination of excellent booth design, interactive trade show exhibit, and an effective marketing campaign. Sometimes it can sound a bit overwhelming, but you never have to do all this alone. You will get better results when you enlist the help of professional trade show specialists like us. Contact us today and let us assist you on your next trade show project.

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