Three Unique Custom Sign Ideas That Catch Attention

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One of the most attention-grabbing custom signs available today is custom banners. You can create banners in nearly any size – whether just wide enough for a trade show display or large enough to dominate the entire trade show floor. 

Businesses use custom banners for a great many purposes. Some of the common uses of banners include:

  • Advertising a sale, special, or other limited-time purchase opportunities, with the goal of increasing retail foot traffic.
  • Promoting a special event, such as a trade show, grand store opening, building tour, new product launch, or new corporate headquarters.
  • Helping direct large crowds of people at an event toward a certain destination. This could include your company’s booth; a product demonstration; a keynote address or speakers’ panel; the refreshments area; and many more.
  • Making pedestrians and passersby aware of important information. This might include statements such as “this area under construction,” “please use the alternative entrance,” or “our store has moved to 123 Main Street.”

Fascia Signs

In architecture, fascia generally refers to the area under a roof or edge that is visible to passersby. In Latin, the word fascia means “ribbon” or “swathe,” and that’s a reasonable definition in the context of fascia signs. These custom signs are generally horizontal in design, cover a large surface area, and allow for some eye-catching design and effects.

If your building’s architecture allows for it, fascia signs can have an amazing impact on foot traffic, virtually demanding people stop and pay attention!

Trade Show Displays

The most common type of custom banner is overhead, but there are still more ways to use this versatile product. Did you know that the retractable trade show displays you often see in trade show booths are another type of banner? We has created many retractable vinyl banners, like the ones in the above photo.

Because they retract into a lightweight and durable (but still attractive) aluminum base, retractable banners can travel virtually anywhere you do. They look great on a trade show floor, in your office lobby, or anywhere you’re speaking or presenting!

Catch Attention with Custom Signs

Ready to start creating your new business signs? Whether you need indoor or outdoor signs, banners, fascia signs, or trade show displays, we can help. Contact us today to book a consultation on your signage needs.

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