Outdoor Business Signs That Always Catch Attention

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Have you ever wondered why businesses like Walmart, Target, and Starbucks all use light-up channel letters as their storefront signs? It’s because it works – It really grabs people’s attention.

Getting a customer’s attention is the hardest part of any business. With dozens of other companies competing for the same clients as yours, you have to make sure you stand out. Start by using channel letters to ensure your outdoor business sign can always be seen.

If your sign isn’t illuminated at night, you lose half of the potential views you could get – even more in the winter months when the sun sets before people leave work.

Using spot lights to illuminate your outdoor business sign isn’t a perfect solution. You either have to attach the lights above the sign, which takes up a lot of space, or you need to build light poles somewhere on your property.

Instead, make your sign the light. Channel letters have LEDs or neon lighting built in, so that it’s always perfectly illuminated, and it doesn’t require any additional space or structures.

Channel letters also stand out in the daylight because of their bright surfaces and three-dimensional shape. The face of each channel letter is outlined by a dark metal border and is several inches thick. When viewed from the front, the outline contrasts with the face. When viewed from the side, the letters literally stick out, catching the viewer’s eye.

The benefits of channel letters aren’t limited to just the exterior of your business.  You can use them for interior business signs as well, for eye-catching displays that make sure your clients and employees get the message.  

Having lighted channel letters as your lobby sign adds texture to your office decor and reinforces your brand to your clients. You can also place smaller signs in the same style above important rooms such as the workshop, washrooms, or conference room, to make them easy to find.

Quality Outdoor Business Signs

There are dozens of ways to use channel letters for your business, but whatever you use it for you’ll always catch lots of attention. Contact us to get the right sign for your needs.

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