Let Your Message Glow And Business Shine With Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters
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Your business signs that display your brand name are a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. They help your customers to make a perception about your business and play a major part in their decision making. Your business sign is a symbol of the type of your business, your professionalism, and how you see your business. You can go with many options, but few ensures a professional outlook and a memorable impact on customer and channel letter signs are one of them.

Channel Letters And Their Types

Channel Letter Signs are one of the most widely used signages for business signs. They are made of plastic, metal, acrylic, and similar materials that consist of designed figures, shapes, letters, numbers, logos, or anything specific that is required. They are eye-catching and make a brand stand out from the competition. For such reasons, channel letters are often considered as the primary signage for exterior business signs. There are three major types of channel letters:

Front-Lit Channel Letters – The front side of these letters is covered by a translucent material and they are illuminated in such a way that that light is pointed towards the front, making them bright from the front.

Back-Lit Channel letters – Here, the light emits from the back of every letter and reflects from the wall or the surface that is kept in the background.

Combination Channel Letters – This is a combination of backlit and front-lit illumination. Each letter is illuminated by using two LED lights with one facing towards the front and the other towards the bac. They create a 3D effect and are the most popular type of three.

How To Place Channel Letter Signs?

These signs are placed in a variety of ways in a building such as mounted on top, fixed directly to the walls, placed on a board that protrudes from the building. LED channel letters can be used as both interior and exterior signs. Their sturdy build makes them a good choice for outdoor signage and the elegant visuals make them a good option to be used as indoor signage.

Commercial Uses Of Channel Letter Signs

Custom channel letters are a great choice for businesses that operate or want to showcase their signage 24×7. But they are most beneficial for places that operate mainly after the sunset such as restaurants, pubs, night clubs, emergency services, hospitals, public transport, and more.

Whether you are running a new business or an established one, led channel letters should always remain your top priority for business signs. If you are not sure where to begin or how to choose the right business sign, get in touch with a sign company near you and ask the professionals before making the decision.

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