Is it Time to Refresh Your Interior Business Signs?

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Your business signs act a little bit like the Night’s Watch for your brand. They stand ever-vigilant and faithfully representing your brand’s values –  at morning, noon, evening, and of course at night. 

Still, your interior business signs do eventually tire, and may need to be replaced with fresh recruits. While replacement is more frequent with outdoor signs that are exposed to the elements, indoor business signs still need a refresh from time to time. Today let’s look at a few indications your interior business signs might need some help.

You’ve Been Through a Rebrand

Even the world’s biggest brands need updating from time to time. Every logo, icon, and slogan is to some degree a product of its era. For a famous example, consider Apple’s logo. Here are just a few iterations of the logo over the last 40 years.

As you can see, the different versions reflect their individual eras. If your interior business signs no longer match your brand, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Here are a few symptoms that your indoor business signs no longer match your overall brand.

  • As you glance between your company’s business cards and the acrylic lobby signson your wall, you notice obvious visual differences.
  • Print materials such as sell sheets, case studies, and product overviews look incongruous next to your signage.
  • Every time you look at your website, you can’t help noticing how modern it looks compared to your acrylic lobby signs.

You Need ADA Signs for Compliance

If your business serves the public, you’re almost certainly subject to the provisions and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The Act is designed to ensure equal access to resources for all people, regardless of ability. One of the major components of the Act deals with ADA signs, which are designed specifically to comply with ADA regulations.

You may need to add, update, or change your ADA signs if:

  • Your business has recently changed focus and is now serving the public regularly.
  • You’re aware of ADA legislation but haven’t gotten around to signage yet.
  • Someone has mentioned that you might need ADA signs in order to remain current with legislation.

Your Indoor Signs Specialists

When it’s time to upgrade your indoor signs, We are your local experts. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs. We can’t wait to support your business with our high-quality, custom signs.

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