Hosting an Event? Here are Three Signs You’ll Need

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It’s almost time for the new store’s grand opening, or maybe the launch party for your awesome new product! You’ve nailed down the theme and bought your decorations, so now is an excellent time to consider event signage.

Signs are crucial to the success of your event. You and your staff will know your event inside out, but your guests usually won’t. When they arrive, guests need informative and immediately visible custom flags and custom event signage to guide them around your event.

Catch Attention upon Arrival with Custom Flags

Whether your event is inside your own building or you’ve rented a space, you’ll need custom flags. As guests arrive, they’ll need reassurance that they’ve found the right place. Our custom flags are made from materials such as durable vinyl, which is tough and weather-resistant. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – as you can see in the image below:

The many shapes of custom flags

Guide Your Guests with Custom Signage

You’ve got people to the right building and brought them inside your venue. That’s a great start. Now you need to guide your guests through the event.

There are so many uses for custom event signage! Your signs can:

  • Point out locations for appetizers, drinks, washrooms, etc.
  • Mark event boundaries, ensuring guests stay within designated areas.
  • Direct your guests to helpful event staff and hosts.

Custom event signs can accomplish all of this while also promoting your brand!

Bring it Home with Custom Trade Show Displays

Hopefully your guests are having a terrific time at your event – but you still have business goals! Whether these include selling a product or service, generating leads, building your network, or any other objective, custom trade show displays help get you there. They’re the ultimate sign product for capturing attention – drawing in your audience, keeping them captivated, and closing the sale! We offers custom trade show displays that are not only beautiful but also durable – built to last through multiple trade show seasons.

Make it an Event to Remember with Custom Event Signage

Ready to start creating the custom flags, custom signage, and custom trade show displays you need for your next event? We can’t wait to support you with our high-quality, custom signs. Contact us today to request your consultation.

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