Help Your Customers Find Their Way with Professional Custom Wayfinding Signs

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Directional wayfinding signs can be an important addition to any business and can serve a variety of purposes. Interior wayfinding signs allow visitors to know that they’re in the right place and where they can find certain areas within your building.

If you’re considering creating custom wayfinding signs for your business, here are the top areas you should consider installing your new signs for maximum effect:

The Lobby Area

  • Where are your visitors’ eyes most likely to gravitate when they enter your business? This should be the question you first ask in order to find the right location to place your interior wayfinding signs.
  • Most businesses don’t have a large lobby area and tend to locate custom wayfinding signs opposite the door visitors enter by.
  • If you do have a very large lobby area, place directional wayfinding signs along a side wall near the entrance or next to the reception desk so it’s still easily visible but doesn’t require the visitor to walk too far to view up-close.

The Waiting Room

  • Not all businesses have a waiting room, but if you do, then this space is another important area to reinforce your brand to visitors and enhancing your business’ professional appearance, while also providing proper information and directions for your visitors.
  • Just like in your lobby area, it’s best to place interior wayfinding signs along a side wall near the entrance, next to the reception desk or by an elevator, to help your visitors figure out where they need to go.
  • Additionally, you can create custom wayfinding signs that provide information about your business, such as products and services. , beneath the custom wayfinding sign information. This will educate visitors and pique their interest about your Company’s other offerings and makes for great reading material while your customer waits to be called in for their appointment!

The Loading Dock

  • It’s important that not only visitors know where they need to go, but employees as well.
  • Installing directional wayfinding signs into your loading docks helps create more clarity and less confusion around where someone needs to go, leading to an increase in productivity and less time spent wandering around.
  • Custom wayfinding signs can also help to increase safety for both employees and visitors, helping to keep everyone out of dangerous areas they shouldn’t enter.

Custom Interior Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

We provides custom interior wayfinding signs for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. We’re dedicated to helping businesses and organizations of all types and sizes ‘Be Seen’ with exceptional indoor and outdoor signs. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

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