Five Reasons Your Business Needs Monument Signs

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While channel letter signs might be your first thought when you’re considering a new outdoor business sign, you should consider monument signs too. These undervalued signs can make a big impression on your customer, especially if you need your brand to feel professional, stable, and high-end. Here are five reasons you should incorporate monument signs into your outdoor business sign line-up.

1. Mark Your Entrance

What impression does your front entrance make on your customers? If you need to make a better impression, placing a monument sign can do wonders. They seem professional, stable, and can really enhance whatever landscaping or other entrance décor you have.

2. Further Your Branding

A monument sign can be customized to fit in with your existing branding. We can use your lettering, color scheme, and even logo on a monument sign. The result will be a cohesive look that is appealing to your customers and heightens their opinion of your brand.

3. Lasting Investment

Monument signs aren’t temporary. They’ll last for many years, without much maintenance. We create our monument signs from weather and corrosion resistant materials to ensure they’ll serve you well into the future. We’ll tell you how to maintain the sign to get the most life out of it. Plus, with such a long life, monument signs are a great investment.

4. Get Versatility in Signs

Most signs can’t be made from stone, but monument signs can. In fact, they can be made of a huge range of materials including interlocking, brick and metal. When choosing your outdoor business sign material, you want to enhance your brand and work with whatever siding material your building is made from.

5. Bring in Customers

In the end, every sign should contribute to drawing more business your way. Monument signs do this by helping people find your location, enhancing their perception of your brand, and building brand awareness. They are particularly effective at advertising promotions—don’t forget that you can change up monument signs to communicate when your sales are, or other key information your customer may be interested in. After you install a monument sign, you’ll find you get more people in the door.

Get a Monument Sign Today

If you’re ready to get these benefits, reach out to us today to get started. Not sold on monument signs? We offer all kinds of outdoor business signs, from channel letter signs to banners, and can help you choose what’s best for you.

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