Finding the Right Fascia Sign Installation for Your Business

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Want to let your target audience know about your business? Consider a fascia sign. Before you invest in a fascia sign for your location, it’s important to educate yourself about the options available, so you make the right selection. To start, know that outdoor business signs often require a permit, so you’ll need to learn about the regulations for installing fascia signs in your geographic location. As an example, there may be specifics when it comes to the maximum dimensions of your sign, or regulations regarding illuminated outdoor business signs.

What To Consider When Choosing A Fascia Sign

Custom signs are likely everywhere you look. In order to help you determine what’s best for your business, take a close look around your neighbourhood for inspiration and to learn what fascia design would best suit your location. In order to make the right impression, your sign should complement your neighbourhood, be in accordance with your building, and support your brand.

A well-designed fascia sign will make an excellent impression on existing and potential customers by conveying professionalism and quality. In addition, your custom sign should convey the purpose and name of your business in a simple way without obscuring the integrity of your exterior.

Fascia signs are available in several materials, shapes, and sizes. They can be hung over entrance ways as well as from a window. The fascia themselves can be made of acrylic, metal, vinyl, or wood and come in a single color or multiple colors.

The most popular options for fascia exterior business signs include:

  • Painted plywood.  An affordable option that still allows creativity. Because these signs are made of wood, they’re susceptible to weather damage and may require frequent replacement.
  • Painted glass. A low-cost option that still allows your business to be distinct. You can use the windows of your location but be aware these signs may not be visible from the road.
  • Punched metal fascia. A durable option that offers excellent weather resistance.
  • Metal lettering and logo. These are three-dimensional fascia signs.
  • Fabric sign. Another budget friendly option that comes across as unique and colorful. They need frequent replacement and upkeep though, and the cost increases depending on whether you choose options like fade-resistant or heavy-duty fabric.
  • Metal sign-band. A professional and extremely eye-catching choice that is versatile enough to work in a variety of locations.
  • Awnings. Not only do these signs support brand awareness, but they also provide shelter from rain and sun for visiting customers.

Installing a Fascia Sign In Alabama

The best way to find the right fascia and installation for your business is to talk to a sign professional. We has the experience to help you choose the right fascia sign for your location in order to maximize visibility and brand awareness. Once you’ve selected your fascia sign, we’ll work with you to complete the permit process and the installation to ensure that everything is done correctly. To start the process of equipping your business with an outstanding outdoor business sign, contact us to request a consultation.

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